Silver Cube

On a hunt for decay


Urbex/Photography, this is my “escape” for the daily life. People who are doing the usual stuff, like gettting up, going to work, sleep…. this kind of life is not meant for me. I’m made for the exciting and the unsuspected in adventures. When I’m old I want to look back at the beautiful, exciting and good moments I had.

Evenso photography is giving me freedom and respect, photography and editing is also saying “no” to the daily things in life. Maybe it’s needed to say that we don’t break door and locks or force windows, also that we don’t steal. That’s because we live by the code… as we say “Take nothing but pictures, leave Nothing but footprints”

But back to the “about me”, with this page I want to show you something about the beautiful world we live in. Seeing unique old decay buildings with great history… I hope you will enjoy every picture and word of my page!

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Ofcourse there’s an option to contact me. You can do this by filling in the template below. be aware of the fact that I don’t reply on Location questions. Search and exploring!… so the golden tip! “Google is your best Friend!

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