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februari 2013 - SilverCube SilverCube
Das Kronleuchter Hotel [DE]
feb 2013 01

An old abandoned hotel, with standard rooms, nothing special except for the dining room and the entrance, so this must be on the picture for sure.

Lost trains [BE]
feb 2013 04

Just a bunch of trains. with some nice decay in it… :p

Hotel Gladen [DE]
feb 2013 08

A day off.. so hit the road jack, this time a small hotel in the middle of nowhere. After some climbing we found an entrance.


Hopital Coiffeur [FR]
feb 2013 14

This was a nice location we visited a while ago, driving thrue the mountains, everybody with skisuites on and looking at us in our T-shirts… how cool was that…

The Tree Mansion [BE]
feb 2013 17

Most of urbexland has had their way with this urbex location already , so time for me to go and check what’s left of this location. It was a miracle, the building was still standing and the place was still the same as a year ago.. so happy me :)

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